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art farm


Creating and Strengthening Community Through Cooperative Creativity

Photos from 2023

Get ready for 2024!

photo credit to, Cassi ZIN, MArtin, chops

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ART FARM is a yearly celebration of life & gathering of community, exploring artistic creativity & self expression.

2023 is our first year! Nearly 3 years after starting Purple Raven Farm we have finally arrived at ART FARM level functionality!

Heck yeah! and hoo-ray!

We hope you will join us and help make it happen!

Who is ART FARM? Well, ART FARM is you!

The dominant culture of spectatorship & apathy often limits our ability to create and strengthen resilient communities. Participation & cooperation  helps breaks the spell of passivity & opens us up to deeper 

connections with each other & from our view it's just more fun!

Participation on the day of ART FARM might look like anything.

Jump in on something that's happening or bring something to share. There are already many interactive projects planned for you to participate in. 

Come early in the week leading up to ART FARM to help us prepare or to set up a community project of your own. 

Read our Safer Space Policy here. 


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ART FARM's first annual event is a one day event taking place Saturday September 23rd

with fall back date (in case of difficult weather) of Saturday September 30th  


7am-9am Arrival 

10am Opening ceremony

All day: Participate! Explore our hiking trails, make an offering to the temple and get creative with others! 

Mid-Day: Open Mic. All are welcome to share the stage!

Sunset: Burning of the temple. Gather round the fire for celebration of life!

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Please RSVP to ART FARM You can use our Purple Raven Farm Contact Form if you like here! 

Participation is free but we would like to know how many of you are coming. We will respond to your RSVP with more info and answer any questions you may have.

ART FARM 2023 is inclusive but is not being actively promoted publicly. We encourage you to tell people you would like to see here and encourage them to extend that invite outward. Let's grow our community!

What do you need?

We are asking for everyone to bring their own food and beverages and any personal items you may need throughout the day and evening, including appropriate clothing for being outdoors/possibly being involved with paint, medications, sunscreen, sunglasses, and perhaps a picnic blanket. 

Please consider bringing snacks or drink to share. There is an indoor kitchen to prepare food.

Stay for the day! You can also stay the night. Rough camping is available. Bring your own camping supplies and stay the night if you like!

​Please inquire about showing up in the days leading up to the event for help setting up, or for creating your own installations and interactive projects or staging for performance arts. We highly encourage interactive works or projects that participants help to create or can participate in.  

What do you have in mind? Can you help us get set up? How can we help facilitate your creative project? Let us know!

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