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February 2024.

"Bang Poof Gone" puts a whimsical tone to the very serious subject of climate change, highlighting the exceedingly quick pace we are leaving our stable and hospitable climate behind.

Acrylic on wood. 57"x76"x4"

Each letter 1'7" square 4" deep

January 2024. A 3D question mark? I have been wanting to make large 3D letters/symbols for a while and finally got to it. This is a 1'6" square. Paint on wood. Looking forward to making more and larger ones that will really make a statement !


November 2023 I gave the unfinished woodshed we built, a dose of creative carpentry using salvaged plywood and triangle boards I milled from logs. Also included some found objects.























Fall of 2023 included 2 works, both appearing at ART FARM. 

"The 7 Grief People", (wood with paint 6'x4' each), were placed in a semi-circle with a paint station in the center, allowing participants to paint on the figures in whatever way they choose. Each figure has a wood heart with a word carved into it describing the stage of grief it represents. I was inspired to create this piece by the realization that so many of us are likely in one stage or another of grief when it comes to facing the realities of climate change. My intention is to help participants and viewers familiarize and normalize interacting with these stages of grief with the hope of bringing some peace as it has for me dealing with this process. It has also allowed me to show empathy and understanding to those who might be in another stage than I am currently in. 

"The Temple", made from small trees that had been cut for clearing a garden space, and evergreen bows, included a bench, markers and wood pieces for participants to write on and place in the temple. Inspired by The Temple at Burning Man, my intention is to create space for people to contemplate, rest, reflect, seek spiritual connection, mourn, find solace, meditate, and hold ceremonies or rituals. This was shown for one day only at the first annual ART FARM event. We burned the temple at sunset but it will show up again in another form at ART FARM 2024 and the years to follow. 

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